What separates Fit-2-The-Core from any other gym? Well. . .This is Nancy Svihula, and this is her story.

I began my fitness journey with Fit-2-The-Core in 2013. "Before joining this amazing fitness community, I was always looking for the quick fix, going on endless diets, fasts and cleanses with the hope of somehow morphing into a skinny body and then I would be happy with myself forever, but nothing stuck, I knew I deserved better".

"The transformation challenge was a springboard to my Fit-2-The-Core journey. Making the decision to join the Fit-2-The-Core community was truly life changing for me. I have learned new behaviors that are now healthy habits in nutrition, exercise and relaxation. I have learned there are no quick fixes and there is no Done! Just steady progress towards specific goals.

I feel safe, challenged and ultimately rewarded by my own body. Yes, I was intimidated as I thought I was maybe too old or not athletic enough. Could I do the workouts? Could I keep up? Would I belong? What I found was a community comprised of all age groups, and all fitness levels. Each member on their own journey but connected to the energy of all the members creating an environment that is supportive and motivating.  

The camaraderie, encouragement, enthusiasm, and RESULTS I get from the programs, members and the coaches are what keep me coming back. Not a gym, a community!  

I LOVE my new body, but I also LOVE the way my brain has been rewired when it comes to health and fitness. I am always looking forward to what comes next.

Nancy has gone from a size 14 to a size 8- losing 15 pounds of Fat, 10% of her body weight.

"If you are thinking about the challenge or joining the gym just remember that YOU are a priority. Time and money is way less of an excuse when you put yourself first. Fit-2-The-Core has become a family to me. We support each other and celebrate every win. It has changed my life. If I could go back (which I wouldn't) I would make this choice; for myself, over and over again. Thank you Fit-2-The-Core." -Nancy Svihula

Click the link below to fill out a form to contact Fit-2-The-Core and find out more about our New Year New You Metabolism Makeover Contest! Or keep scrolling for more information!

SO - What is a New Year New You Metabolism Makeover Contest?

Starts Saturday February 10th at 11am, with a group workout/workshop

  • 8 weeks: 60 days of unique customized or private group training, 
  • A no-questions asked meal plan 
  • A 14 day exit strategy. Let's focus on the long term - forget the yo-yo effect of dieting, feeling great, but then gaining the weight back.
  • A chance for your team to share our $2,100 grand prize, for most fat lost and most metabolic musle gained
  • Weekly cash prizes for most points acrrued for attendance, percentage of adherence to meal plan etc..
  • Support and Accountabiliy TEAM workout/workshops every Saturday
  • Access to our private Facebook page for guidance and support for NYNY contestants only

Throughout the course of these 8 weeks you will go through 4 pillars of transformation with some of our Elite Staff at Fit-2-The-Core

Define Yourself & Fuel To Be Fit

The Mindset process and Nutrition; it's necessity and common misconceptions with owner and Nutrition expert, Tim Rudd.

Regeneration Rituals and Strong For Success

The Fitness journey and your recovery process with head program designer-Chris Steinbrink